Weekly Findings #6 – June 9, 2016

Alright, so this is long overdue…

Lets be honest, we could all spend hours upon days browsing the web, hopping from one video to another.  Here, I’m going to share some pages and videos that I’ve found particularly interesting.  If you find them interesting as well, make sure to like, subscribe, or share their content because it really does motivate to users to create and share more content.  And if you’ve found anything particularly interesting that you’d like to share with me, make sure to pass it along in the comments down below.

Fix This Build That

Brad with Fix This Build That makes an excellent looking cooler station for the back porch or patio. I think he really highlighted the beauty of cedar in this build, and I’m hoping that I can copy this build at sometime in the future.

Nick Ferry

Nick comes off as a pretty funny guy to me. He usually likes to joke around a little bit in his videos. Here though, he shows how to make a very useful tenoning and splining jig. He kinda goes overboard with the walnut splines in his jig, but like we saw in Office Space, everybody needs to have 37 pieces of flare.

DIY Creators

Glen is full of energy and does a great job of explaining his builds step by step in detail. I’m a big fan of how functional most of his projects tend to be (see his PVC dog washer). Following up on another dog-related project, Glen builds a simple storage box / dog feeding station.

TAG Woodworking

Thomas really seems to enjoy incorporating a lot of geometry into his projects. Here, he combines a couple different materials to make an incredible “mini-dovetail lidded box”. The video is somewhat long, and he doesn’t talk or describe the build at all, but the music adds to the detail that he puts into this piece.

Make Something

I haven’t watched too many of Dave’s videos, but I like the presentation of this video almost as much as I like the project itself (and I like the project a lot). It’s very easy to relate to the need for a drink coaster when sitting back in your couch, and Dave makes this solution seem oh-so-simple.

The Samurai Carpenter

The Samurai Carpenter is an odd guy in my eyes, but he has some crazy skills. And while the cause behind this build is pretty heart wrenching, he hits it out of the park. The amount of time and detail that clearly went into this build shows off big time with the finished product and the presentation to his cousins.

Paoson Woodworking

I’m curious what Suso from Paoson Woodworking likes more, making tools or using tools? It seems that he’s built almost every single rig in his shop. In this video he makes a plunge base for a router. If you give the video a watch, pay attention to how many of the tools that he uses have been built using his own custom jigs or setups.