Weekly Findings #5 – May 15, 2016

Lets be honest, we could all spend hours upon days browsing the web, hopping from one video to another.  Here, I’m going to share some pages and videos that I’ve found particularly interesting.  If you find them interesting as well, make sure to like, subscribe, or share their content because it really does motivate to users to create and share more content.  And if you’ve found anything particularly interesting that you’d like to share with me, make sure to pass it along in the comments down below.

Fine Woodworking

Bob Van Dyke with Fine Woodworking discusses a smart approach to auxiliary fences on his table saw fence. There’s always the issue of the auxiliary fence not being completely flat, or attaching the rip fence to the existing fence without having clamps in the way. Well, Bob’s approach tackles those issues, as well as discusses ways that his fence can be used to make safe bevel cuts on tall or awkward pieces.


For Mother’s Day, April rebuilt a bird ‘hotel’ (?) for her mother. It’s a pretty simple build that anybody can probably follow just using scraps. What makes this project special for April is that she had built a similar project for her mom years and years ago, but through aging and weathering it needed a replacement. Anyway, this is a simple project that I thought should be shared.

Matt Cremona

Continuing on in the Mother’s Day theme, is a video by Matt Cremona. He takes a rough, slab cut off, and uses brass dowel cut offs to create a a sign for his mom that really has a personal touch to it. I really like the way the brass contrasts with the dark grain of the walnut.

Make Something

This isn’t so much of a build / project video as it is an eye opener. Here, David visits his hardwood dealer and shows everybody why you shouldn’t stand directly behind the blade of the table saw when you’re cutting. Crazy to think that a scrap of wood could have that much force to travel the distance it did, pierce the interior wall, and dent the exterior wall. Honestly, the table saw gives me the shudders some times. I always unplug mine whenever I’m changing the blade just to be extra, extra safe.

Izzy Swan

Watching this video brings back memories all of the times I wish I would have had a vise on my bench to hold small sheets upright. Izzy makes “quick-n-dirty” upright clamp out of a simple 2×6. I’ll have to remember this quick project next time I need to soften the edges of a bench or table top.

I Build It

John from IBuildIt.ca seems to me like a guy that will build anything and everything. I’ve watched several of his videos on mortising machines and other jigs for his shop. In this video John makes a homemade band saw mill. Probably a bit more than I’ll ever tackle for myself, but this goes to show his design skills, ingenuity, and extreme DIY skills.