Weekly Findings #4 – May 7, 2016

So, a little bit later this week than last. Started a new career this week and haven’t gotten to explore online as much as I’d like.

Lets be honest, we could all spend hours upon days browsing the web, hopping from one video to another.  Here, I’m going to share some pages and videos that I’ve found particularly interesting.  If you find them interesting as well, make sure to like, subscribe, or share their content because it really does motivate to users to create and share more content.  And if you’ve found anything particularly interesting that you’d like to share with me, make sure to pass it along in the comments down below.

Frank Howarth

This week, I’d like to highlight another video by Frank Howarth. In honor of May 4th (May The Force Be With You Day) this week, Frank turned a Death Star replica out of bamboo. Quite an interesting project that I think really combines that Star Wars ‘nerdom’ that we all have deep inside of us, and woodworking. Frank is an exceptionally skilled turner, and if you haven’t seen any of his other videos, you should definitely give them a look. On top of that, he uses an old SNES controller to move his CNC around.

Nate Crilly

Nate makes a very simple and attractive serving board in this video. This is definitely a project I plan on adding to my list once I get going again because it looks so easy, but can be customized using different wood species.

Shop Built

I’m also highlighting another video by Ryan with Shop Built this weekend. I don’t know what it is, but I really like his videos. I think it’s because I’m so impressed with what he’s done to his shop given the space that he has. Also, his videos are very simply and easy to follow. In this video he makes a tapering jig that I should really try to steal. My current solution is brad-nailing down scraps to my crosscut sled. He has a really smart idea to use cheap cutting boards for miter slot slides also.

Make Something

This isn’t so much of a build / project video as it is an eye opener. Here, David visits his hardwood dealer and shows everybody why you shouldn’t stand directly behind the blade of the table saw when you’re cutting. Crazy to think that a scrap of wood could have that much force to travel the distance it did, pierce the interior wall, and dent the exterior wall. Honestly, the table saw gives me the shudders some times. I always unplug mine whenever I’m changing the blade just to be extra, extra safe.

Izzy Swan

Watching this video brings back memories all of the times I wish I would have had a vise on my bench to hold small sheets upright. Izzy makes “quick-n-dirty” upright clamp out of a simple 2×6. I’ll have to remember this quick project next time I need to soften the edges of a bench or table top.

I Build It

John from IBuildIt.ca seems to me like a guy that will build anything and everything. I’ve watched several of his videos on mortising machines and other jigs for his shop. In this video John makes a homemade band saw mill. Probably a bit more than I’ll ever tackle for myself, but this goes to show his design skills, ingenuity, and extreme DIY skills.