Weekly Findings #1 – April 15, 2016

Lets be honest, we could all spend hours upon days browsing the web, hopping from one video to another.  Here, I’m going to share some pages and videos that I’ve found particularly interesting.  If you find them interesting as well, make sure to like, subscribe, or share their content because it really does motivate to users to create and share more content.  And if you’ve found anything particularly interesting that you’d like to share with me, make sure to pass it along in the comments down below.

Toy Story 2 – The Cleaner’s Tool Chest

Remember when Woody gets a “cleaning” in Toy Story 2?  Well Andy Fuentes went and made his own Cleaner’s Tool Chest full of tiny drawers and compartments.

Scott Rumschlag

A really cool wooden table that expands by rotating the top.  I like Scott’s projects because they all have some sort of mechanical function to them, they’re not just static.

Shop Built

Ryan makes dust collection seem so simple with some basic PVC piping and a cyclone separator. I also like that he uses a lot of Ridgid tools because that’s what I use as well.

April Wilkerson

April created a very unique bar lamp for above her pool table using oak and walnut.  She really put in a lot of detail with the contrasting strips, and the ornamental plugs.

John Zhu

A woodworking toolbox that you can make out of wood??? Count me in.  John shows us how to make a Japanese woodworking toolbox that will hold all of the hand tools that he used to create the box.

Modern Builds

Mike Montgomery with Modern Builds shows us how to make an incredibly simple desk out of construction grade 2×4, 2×12, and some Ux4 brackets.

Special Oddball Tech Video

Tommy G Workshop

The day that you start using a PancakeBot (yes, it’s a real thing) to make Star Wars pancakes is the day that you know you’ve got life figured out.