My First Post

P1000760Hello everybody, this is my first post on my first attempt at building a living website.  My name is Josh, but my friends all me Bogues, and I run a small woodshop in the basement of my house.  It’s a pretty small workspace but I’m always thinking about ways to fully utilize the area and improve my workflow.  Despite all that, I have been able to produce plenty of great pieces; some for family, friends, and colleagues, but mostly for myself and my wife.  And in that time, I’ve seen both my shop and my abilities grow.  Working with my hands is where my passion lies, and woodworking allows me to both express myself and create a practical and attractive piece.  And now…, I’m looking to build on this hobby, share my experiences and my builds, and see where the web can take me.

One Reply to “My First Post”

  1. Hi, Josh! I emailed your SVSU account–can you confirm that you’ve received it? Vmail no longer works. It will let you send but not receive, so I’m worried you’re not receiving info from me or Dr. Drew. You have to use (office 365). Thanks.